From Hopelessness to Success

I had been unsuccessful in gaining new employment for over 2 years and had almost lost hope. Then I met Nancy and Marg. Their approach was comprehensive and realistic. The first issue they dealt with was my hopelessness. I was in my late 50’s and felt that due to my age no one would consider hiring me. After months of working with Nancy and Marg I started to believe and read the book on networking they recommended and started to work the system and my network. What happened was amazing—I landed a new position with a nice increase in pay and benefits with a great company. At the time Nancy and Marg told me it was the fastest position gained through networking they had worked with. It was easy, once I believed and worked my network. Then that position was moved overseas so after one year I was again looking for work, but now I was in my early 60s. But it happened again. Almost immediately I was hired, again, through my network. But after one year with this new position I again was in need of new employment and again, worked my network and was again offered a position with a great company. Hopefully this will be my last change, but throughout all of this, what was constant was the support I received from Nancy and Marg who were always there for me with their advice and support.

I also want to say that prior to this I had spent many times their fee on a similar service through another firm and it was almost useless. The agreement was for only 2 years and they didn’t focus on developing the person—they just told you to network and had monthly support groups. Worthless.

Nancy and Marg are the best and I know that from experience. They are great mentors and part of my network and I am truly grateful for them.

Finance Manager

Confidence Building and Concrete Directions

Nancy and Marg helped me in so many ways.  Together, we took my various skills and interests and aimed them in several concrete directions.  We determined how to tell a potential employer how I add value for their business.

Most importantly, they helped me regain confidence.  They reminded me of my core talents.  They saw my talents in a different way than I did, which led me to consider potential opportunities I would not have thought of on my own.

I would not want to take this journey without them!

Thank you!

G.N., Chief Learning Officer, major professional services firm

Navigating a Challenging Career Path

My company provided an opportunity for me to work with an executive coach.  I was fortunate enough to meet and work with Marg.  During this period, Marge provided insights and guidance that helped me successfully navigate the career path I wanted:  senior level duties and assignments.

Marg is an excellent listener, but more importantly  I especially appreciated her clear and direct feedback.  In the end, I had more insight about how I was perceived by others in management, and increased confidence in my strengths.  I often refer to what I learned with Marg when crafting responses and reactions to challenging situation.

J.K. – Financial services executive

Uncovering the Next Path

I would be remiss in my own personal quest if I do not share how helpful Nancy has been in guiding me to discover where I want to be, and in uncovering the next path to choose.

I can’t stress enough that Nancy’s help is practical coaching.  There is no silver bullet or white knight.  Nancy and her team helped me with tools, reinforcement and confidence needed to discover that my mantra in life is to live with freedom, power and joy. Her coaching clarified my understanding that our journey is continual, yet each change can be filled with joy and a wonderful gift.

Thanks, J.

Help During a Critical Transition

During a critical life transition, Nancy helped me work through issues defining my career objectives and life goals.  Her focused listening, planning skills and insights related to my personal attributes, work skills and experience gave me great incentive, confidence and courage to move forward.  She is a great coach.  The encouragement I received helps me even now reach levels of life success I would not have even considered before.  The adventure continues! Careful, thoughtful, professional and skilled in helping folks transition through difficult times, I highly recommend her as a coach.

Director of Comp and Benefits, Large Manufacturer

When You Need A Coach That Connects

I have valued and utilized Nancy’s business advice and career coaching
expertise for several years.  Her insight and guidance has proven very beneficial.  She effectively listens, analyzes and makes suggestions based on my unique circumstances.  Nancy is engaging and her demeanor makes for a quick connection and easy conversations.

I would absolutely recommend working with Nancy!

VP, a Minnesota manufacturing company

Gently Pushed to Recognize Changes I Needed to Make

It was a wonderful experience in working with Marg.  I knew I had to deal with some difficult issues that were impacting my work.  With Marg, I always felt supported while gently pushed to recognize the changes I needed to make and provided with the tools to help me make those changes.  She also followed through to assure that I was doing the work that I committed to accomplish to achieve my goals.

Working with Marg improved my confidence. I believe this increased confidence was a critical factor in my recently being offered a national position in my field and the preparedness to accept it.

I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Marg.  She helped me obtain results quickly with concerns that I had been trying to deal with on my own for a long time.

Healthcare Industry Executive

Clarity – Better Success at Work

In an executive coach, it is vital that the coach and the client have trust in each other. There is a great deal of confidential information shared–by both parties–and without that basis of trust, the coaching cannot happen. Marg Penn earned my trust quickly, and allowed me to open up more than I might otherwise as we  worked together  to navigate difficult situations with a new boss. Marg takes time to understand the many nuances of executive relationships, and offers practical, actionable advice to take back to the office. As a result of Marg’s coaching, I developed a better understanding of my boss and a more successful working relationship with him.

I absolutely recommend Marg Penn for career and life coaching . She will provide honest feedback, specific actions to be taken, and will stay engaged as a trusted advisor.

Information Technology Executive

Trusted Counsel

As a long term employee/executive in the Estee Lauder Companies, and after moving to Minneapolis with Aveda, I found the need for a trusted professional advisor that could give me counsel on several career issues.  Over ten years, Nancy has been my source of sound and professional career advice.  I would highly recommend her.

VP of Retailing, Beauty Products Manufacturer