Not ready for the nursing home

Not clear on what’s next?

At Burke and Penn,we frequently hear this story told by two friends who both retired about a year ago from senior leadership roles.

Retirement was a surprise.  This chapter is far more unknown and murkier than any other time in our lives!  Despite our success as executives we are finding the questions we face almost overwhelming.  There are so many choices, possibilities and consequences that it is proving difficult to sort through them to create a clear path.  And talking to ourselves isn’t getting us clarity.  This should be a lot more fun.

join our group

We’ve combined a group experience with 1:1 coaching to help turn this time of confusing exploration into fun.

It’s designed to help you discover meaning and purpose, carve a clear path forward, provide structure, support, and encouragement … and have fun in the process. 

Think of it as …

a vacation

a college course

a social club membership

… all rolled into one

Within a group of people with a similar retirement challenge, you …

  • Share ideas
  • Get help problem solving
  • Expand your thinking
  • Help others and get clarity when it gets “murky”
  • Have a network who can be a resource for you

The Specifics

The group will meet and develop options and plans through our structured approach during eight two-hour gatherings over the course of four months.  At the conclusions you will have a specific plan for this next life stage and be on your way to implementing it.

Contact us for additional information.