Job Loss

Get Hired Over 50  

Now wouldn’t this be good?


A job search for those of us over 50 takes a different approach.

You are out of work. You’re looking, but for what?

If the answer to that isn’t clear, and the search feels difficult and challenging, you are not alone.

More mature workers face different challenges in finding the next successful step in their work. But we also have many advantages which are sometimes hard to see. We ask:

“Do I want to stay in this career? And if not, what now?”
“How do I compete with younger, cheaper candidates?”
“How do I find the right job, not just any job?”
“How do I get back on the horse, and keep from getting discouraged?”

It’s easy to get discouraged.

A sense of clarity and purpose is hard to define, and even harder to maintain.

We can help. We have the tools, the experience, the success, the creativity and the support system to guide you to that great path where the green button you want gets pushed.