Our Uniquely Successful Process

Our Uniquely Successful Process
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
o o o Building Success
o o o Building Confidence
o o Building Courage
Building Clarity
Seeing Your Situation Clearly Creating New Insights Identifying New Possibilities Moving from Options to Action Implementing with Support
Identifying the stresses and challenges in your situation with new clarity

Stating what’s going on and how this is really affecting you

Determining what is working and not working

Assessing your current interests, skills, needs, values

Helping you define and articulate what you think, feel and want

Finding ways to fuel new motivation and avoid old traps

Creating clarity and permission to see new opportunities and identifying what those are

Understanding the trade-offs

Identifying new possibilities to explore

Crafting experiments to explore the most appealing possibilities

-Learn strategy
-Search strategy
-Financial strategy

Learning from the experimentation and drafting the initial plan

Maintaining momentum with goals clearly in mind. Accountability to stay the course

Dealing effectively with uncertainty and new challenges

Making moves with strong support (group or individual) -you’re not alone