WE LOVE WHAT WE DO …and we hope it shows!

WE LOVE WHAT WE DO …and we hope it shows!

We are nearing the five year mark for our business together. We have had a ball helping a wide range of people over 50 who are:

  • Still wanting to climb the career ladder and take on more responsibility, but don’t want to do it where they currently are working, or
  • Wanting to make a change in either their career area or their industry and may be interested in scaling back on the level of responsibility, or
  • Returning to the work world after an extended time off for family reasons, or
  • Planning their “retirement” or their encore career – either for pay or not – and want to be ready when the time comes to leave their fulltime career.

Each client has brought a unique set of questions and challenges, and we have enjoyed working with every one of them – and we get feedback that we are helping them, as well.

We’d like to acknowledge the crew at Minnesota Good Age – Sarah Jackson, Julie Kendrick, Micah Edel, and Tracy Walsh – for the great story and pictures about Burke&Penn in their September issue. And we want to thank AARP Minnesota and the Pollen Group for recognizing us with a 50 over 50 award in 2017; without that recognition, we would not have been found by Minnesota Good Age!

FP50 wins 50 over 50 Award!

Elated to have made @aarpmn & @PollenMidwest’s #50Over50 list of amazing people who are shattering myths about aging. Get to know the other 2017 honorees and celebrate the contributions and accomplishments that come with age. http://bit.ly/50O5017


After many successful years in business and consulting, Minneapolis residents Nancy Burke, 70, and Marg Penn, 70, joined forces to co-found Burke&Penn, a career-coaching and consulting business built on two important beliefs: that people over age 50 have unique challenges—and unique gifts—when it comes to finding the right path forward. This is especially true when dealing with life and career changes, which is why Nancy and Marg encourage everyone they work with to think “outside the past” and instead focus on the future they want to create. The two women don’t let age discrimination derail their optimism. Instead, they challenge stereotypes by helping their clients identify their gifts, amp up their energy, and create portfolio careers. Their multi-faceted approach is working: 85 percent of Burke&Penn’s clients have found new and better work, while also making significant contributions to their employers’ bottom lines. Nancy and Marg’s career coaching pays off as well; their efforts helped one woman start a new job with a 25 percent salary increase the same week she turned 60.